New Burnham Graphic Arts and Leland Report Storefront

October 04, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

For a number of years we have offered prints and gifts through   A number of times, I've gotten emails asking why an individual cannot find a specific photo on the store so they could order a print.  The answer was always that there were so many photos, that I couldn't possibly keep up with the management of the photos and tie them to the products I wanted to offer, like mousepads and mugs.  The products were listed on the site, but the actual photos were always on  The person just needed to enter the report date or photo number into the field provided.  The management of the products became cumbersone to deal with as some photos did not lend themselves to certain productions or sizes and it was up to me to make a judgement call what could and could not be printed.  I also wanted to offer much more than I had the capability of researching and updating.

With this new site, the photos can be browsed, favorites saved and ordered later.  We will upload the best photos for display and ordering, but will not refuse anyone who wants a specific photo that they saw on one of our sites.  This includes photos that are included on the Leland Report pages, but are not the main photograph, like the Biscuit Report.  We've had many requests from those photographed with biscuit for a print.  Now, we have the workflow to handle that request and let the person see the photo without it being available to the public.

What is ArtistAsylum? Why?  What happened to was an experiment we started many years ago to provide low cost online artistic space to the community.  Having refocused on family and career, I decided I could not put the time necessary to develop that community for the income that it was generating and shuttered it to focus on the Leland Report instead.  Since the website is intergrated into the site, I couldn't use that domain, so the next best choice was artistasylum.  That was we could not only offer LelandReport items, but also Jim's and Keith's other art as well.

I honestly never liked the domain  Enough said.  It will now redirect to this site.

Why are you using Paypal exclusively?  Do I have to join Paypal?  :(

We did have to sacrifice some convenience and handle payments differently because we are no longer in control of that process.  Orders handled by us personally go through Paypal and are either charged to your credit card or you can opt to use your Paypal balance if you are a member.  Paypal is the processor, but joining Paypal is not required to make a payment.  Orders handled by our print processors are handled via credit card directly.  For this reason, you cannot combine an order for a print and a calendar into one shipment.  Orders handled by us are in the "Specialty Items" and "Other Products" categories.  The rest are handled by our partner labs.

Can I still pay by check?

Paying by check is also possible for orders we fulfill (described above), but it is not as obvious how to do that is it was on the old site.  In this case, fill your shopping cart and then contact us for a shipping quote.  We only had a handful of people paying by check in the past every year, but we don't want to lose you as customers.  Hopefully, our host will offer this as an option in the future.

Can I get signed prints?

Unfortunately, since our processors handle the printing and shipping now, all orders are drop-shipped to you.  We will no longer be able to offer a signed print with every order.  However, there might be limited editions available in the future which WILL be numbered and signed.  These will be available in the Other Products area and will be handled by us personally.   All Leland pen and ink prints are signed by the Keith.

Thank you for your support!

Without the sale of the prints, mugs, calendars and mousepads in the past, we would not be able to provide you with the daily dose of the Leland Report.  Thank you for your continued support and we hope to also continue for many years to come.  Maybe we will also work on that book we've been hinting about.  Stay tuned.

We would also like your feedback.  Change is hard and this decision was not taken lightly.  We would love to hear about your experiences so we can help improve the service we are part of now.


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