Burnham Graphic Arts was started in 1982 by Keith Burnham after a many years as an engineer at International Harvester. There, Keith was instrumental in visualizing new concepts through his artwork and 3D models. An avid cartoonist, he lampooned life in Riverside, IL and Leland, Michigan, his adopted hometown.

He is also well known for over 35 years of pen and ink drawings of Historic Riverside, Il and Leelanau County, Mi. An avid photographer since the 50's, Keith has an impressive collection of images of Leelanau County spanning over 45 years. He is the main source of images for The Leland Report, a daily report featuring same day photos and thoughts which to date draws over 1400 page views per day and 30,000 per month. You'll find the best of his images here for sale.

Current gear: Nikon D3200, Sony Cybershot

Jim Burnham was fortunate enough to spend all his Summers in Leland growing up. Jim is a photographer, musician and programmer with 20 years of experience in all three.

Jim always had a camera with him, but started taking photos in earnest around 1995 with a Nikkormat FT3. He has a certification through he New York Institute of Photography.

Current gear:

  • Nikon D7100

Flash: Nikon SB-600

  • Sigma 18-250mm VR
  • Nikkor 50mm f1.8
  • Tokina 10-17 fisheye
  • Sigma 150-500 VR Telephoto

Tripod: Manfrotto with center column horizontal conversion
Bag: Lowepro Backpack