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Historic and timeless pen and ink drawings of Fishtown in Leland Michigan by Keith Burnham
Fishtown Icons Series-Captain Cook (11x14)Fishtown Icons Series-Hans Anderson (11x14)Fishtown Icons Series-Percy Guthrie (11x14)Fishtown Boats Series - "Ace" (11x14)Fishtown Boats Series- "Bonnie Lass" (11x14)Fishtown Boats Series -"Irene" (11x14)Fishtown Boats Series -The Powerhouse with "John A" (11x14)Fishtown Boats Series - "Irene" and "New Deal" (11x14)Fishtown Boats Series - "Irregardless" (16x20)Fishtown Boats Series - "Janice Sue" (16x20)Leelanau Scenes - "Homestead" (11x14)Leelanau Scenes - "The Miller House" (16x20)